I am happy that you found my website.

For more than 10 years I have been photographing large mammals, mainly in Hungary. This comes from my family. It all started with an old Russian camera, that I got from my Mom and it was my Dad who brought me to their hunting ground.

The first time we went to photograph roe deer, they were exactly where they were told to be. It was great experience. Nobody told me this would not be always the case, many times it is just the forest and no animals, but it is worth to wait.
This does mean spending a lot of time in the forest, so I spend all my free time there as the experience is worth it!

I really like to stay unnoticed. It is best if the animals “accept” me, they know I am there, but stay and do not let me bother them.

The last years in photography brought a lot of friends. I met a lot of great photographers and hunters.
Thanks for all the help!

I hope I can share the experience and the moments through my pictures!
Have fun!

Please only use my pictures after my written consent (Contact menu point).

Thanks for my portrait to Attila Kelemen!